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Yuliya Flynn

Our Story

Yooli Foods are inspired by our love of farmer’s cheese and the memories it brings from an active and happy childhood back in Eastern Europe; a time when our family handcrafted recipes using traditional methods and natural ingredients. Today, we continue to perfect the art of making farmer’s cheese here in America. We create new recipes, and we pour, and we mix, and we stir, and we strain, all while using natural and handpicked ingredients that are locally sourced.

We are proud to provide you with foods that nourish your mind and body. Our products are full of indulgent goodness and packed with essential nutrients and protein. We are the connoisseurs and artists in the world of farmer’s cheese, and we work hard to make our quality products available to all of those seeking and wanting to discover foods that are tasty outside…healthy inside. That’s our promise!

Artisan-Style Farmer's Cheese

Why Yooli?

Yooli began with our co-founder Yuliya, and the belief to passionately nourish those seeking high-protein, nutritionally dense foods for balanced, sustainable energy. All while sourcing only natural, whole, quality ingredients. We care about the way we all live through the foods we eat. We prepare innovative and exciting products for the carefree adventurer who is into discovering new tastes and textures. All while making it easy to share with family and friends. We carefully balance the art of eating well and enjoying the foods we eat. All while satisfying mind and body with guilt-free indulgence and no sacrifices.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to encouraging, and where we can – enabling, people to strive for balance and beyond by promoting and being part of a movement of healthier lifestyles and better nutrition. At Yooli Foods our passion inspires us to develop handcrafted recipes that lead to better for you, nutritious snacks, filled with protein, vitamins and minerals. Our farmer’s cheese products are tasty outside…healthy inside and enjoyed by children, grownups and those in between.

At Yooli we are also committed to organizing and sponsoring school athletic events with the goal to promote healthier and happier lifestyles.