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Discover the Indulgent Goodness of Artisan-Style Farmer's Cheese

Yuliya Flynn

About Yuliya

Yuliya’s background influenced her passion for nutritional dairy snacks. She was a very active child, running  marathons, relays, and playing various team sports. Yuliya's favorite snacks were made with farmer's cheese, which was a staple in her diet and her primary source of protein.

Living in the United States, Yuliya could not find traditional farmer’s cheese snacks and committed to introducing them to the American consumers. After years of testing and developing, Yuliya is now introducing the artisan-style farmer’s cheese blended together with other handpicked ingredients and made with health in mind, passion, and commitment to quality.

Artisan-Style Farmer's Cheese

Why Yooli?

Yooli began with Yuliya, who believes that extra effort and unconditional commitment make dreams come true. This is why at Yooli Foods we believe in quality, authenticity, and innovation. We take ideas and through our commitment develop products that go beyond balance.

We combined artisanship with innovation, commitment and passion, and developed healthy, nutritious snacks with an abundance of indulgence and no room for guilt.

Our goal is to deliver natural, authentic, and delicious products to nourish you with quality ingredients and sheer satisfaction!


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to encouraging, and where we can – enabling, people to strive for balance and beyond by promoting healthier nutrition and lifestyles.

At Yooli Foods our commitment starts with development of healthier, nutritious snacks, filled with protein, vitamins and minerals for better and satisfying nutrition and for all ages alike.

Yooli is also committed to organizing and sponsoring school athletic and artistic events, as well as other community-oriented activities, with the goal to promote healthier and happier lifestyles.