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A rich, creamy, satisfying alternative to yogurt


Yooli Nutrition Highlights

Yooli Cremes

Yooli is a new, heavenly delicious and nutritionally fulfilling dairy-based snack. Our products are naturally loaded with vitamins and packed with protein. This indulgent goodness is perfect for those moments in life when you need it most. Whether you landed that dream job, just finished a marathon, dropped off your kids on time or you graduated from school…Yooli is there for you.

Yooli Farmer's Cheese Cremes offers you a decadent experience without the guilt. Our Cremes come in a variety of velvety textures and delicious flavors. It is an artisan-style snack made from a handcrafted tradition and recipe that holds the perfect balance of health and taste. Scoop it, mix it, dip it, spread it … make it your own! You’ve earned it!

Tasty Outside...Healthy Inside

What is Yooli's Farmer's Cheese?

Our products are made with Artisan-Style Farmer's Cheese – a soft, fresh cheese with a subtle texture and flavor. Our Farmer's Cheese is made from fresh pasteurized, milk. It is nutritionally rich in calcium and protein. The freshness and soft texture of the Farmer's Cheese contribute to the fine texture of Yooli products.

Tasty OutsideTASTY OUTSIDEAll Yooli Farmer's Cheese products are made with natural flavors: from vanilla to honey lemon zest, from coconut to berries and other fruits. Our ingredients are carefully selected and locally sourced where possible to bring you only the best flavors, textures and tastes. Enjoy!


Healthy InsideHEALTHY INSIDEOur products are fresh, gluten-free dairy snacks that will nourish your body with pure goodness. Yooli Foods are snacks and healthy desserts you can take on the go to indulge guilt-free - your body and mind will thank you!

Smart SnacksSMART SNACKS Our Yooli Farmer's Cheese Foods are the new generation of smart snacks for those who don't want to compromise on taste but seek nutrition and sustainable energy. Our gluten-free products are high in protein, low in sodium and wholesome foods for everyone and every body. Stay active and enjoy our Yooli snacks, you’ve earned it!